Seraya Island, Exotic Island Travel

Seraya Island, Exotic Island Travel
Seraya Island, Exotic Island Travel

Tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia is not only famous Sengigi. Sengigi famous along with the island, Lombok. But apparently there are other attractions that are not less beautiful and very appropriate charm you try. As the island is. Of course there are also beaches there. Here's Seraya Island, Exotic Island Travel. Also known as Scary Island.

More precisely named Island Selayar Small though but more popular with Pulau Seraya. As the island is one of the leading nautical tourism in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. The district has 162 islands with beautiful ocean views parks, one of which Seraya.

While on the island you can choose the 18 bungalows are available with a natural feel, thatched roof and walls of woven bamboo. Nature around Pulau Seraya is very shady and more beautiful with the hills decorated with savanna. Seraya Island is exotic island travel

Clear sea glass charm that radiates from you can see when you approach the ship carrying small Seraya Island, in the West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. Around the ship, you meet a lot of small schools of fish dancing among colorful coral reefs. This scene certainly makes your eyes pop.

On the shore, a sea star looks rejoice at the base of the beach with stunning white sand gives a warm welcome to the tourists who come. Rows of palm trees on the beach decorated with soft, white sand also beautify the atmosphere. Blowing breeze make anyone familiar with the island's natural.

Tour In Seraya Island
Did you know, Seraya island also become one of the favorite tourist foreign tourists, especially those visiting the West Manggarai. Generally, the main purpose they see ancient reptile, the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), diving, and snorkeling.

As the condition of the beach on the island is perfect for snorkeling. When the tide is low, you can even walk to the sea to a radius of about 500 meters from the beach without worrying about drowning. Because sea level is only as high as a man's thigh. Wow!
And there is nothing more adorable, marine fish with beautiful colors are not shy at all to hide when humans approached. You can also watch the coral reefs with a variety of shapes and colors.

Cheap Travel Seraya Island
If you're planning a picnic to the island, As arguably worth considering as a place to vacation. The location is not too far away with the City of Labuan Bajo. By boat can be reached only by an hour. Boat rental cost is relatively low, only Rp.300.000 - Rp.500.000,- going and back again.

If you want to stay in a bungalow, the manager did not ask for an extra charge boat rental. Visitors only room per night is charged Rp 250,000. Matter intake and logistics, you also do not need to worry. On the island there is a restaurant that serves from morning till night.

One day vacation to Seraya Island would not be enough to satisfy your thirst. Moreover, the cost of room rental is also relatively inexpensive. However, make no mistake because when tourists thronged the beaches, the manager of limiting long-stay visitors to stay a maximum of three days.

Usually solid future visit in July-August, especially among foreign tourists. In the months that coincide with school holidays and summer vacation western countries.
Because it is still not affordable electricity networks, the manager use generators and just turn generators from 6:00 p.m. to 22:30 pm local time. At 22:30 genset extinguished because most travelers ask for it, there was no activity or noise. With no electricity, you can enjoy the tranquility and syahdunya night.

Seraya Island is Scary and Haunted
Seraya Island considered a tourist spot like Indrayanti Beach, Beach Sawarna and Klayar Beach, charm exposed behind this new beauty. As the first known haunted island, such as the beach Sawarna. As told by Andi Anwar, a resident Small Seraya Island living in the hills of the bungalow stands.

Scary and Haunted Island - Seraya Island
Scary and Haunted Island - Seraya Island

In the 1970s the island was known as quiet and austere. 
No one dared to stay in Pulau Seraya. As Andi to Small at the age of 11 years were invited by his late father. At that time, there were only three or four houses
According to Andi, who stopped at the beginning of the white sandy island that is the retainer Bajo fishing and sea cucumbers. They then lived on the island. Awesomeness in question is the people who lived there first often possessed by spirits. To resuscitate should be slaughtering a goat. Goat head hanging on a tamarind tree growing in the middle of the village.

But you do not have to worry or be anxious, because now is the year 2012. Especially if you are a believer, certainly not afraid of ghosts, right?

Say No to Bomb
To preserve our environment, the communities in Small Seraya Island uphold convention to not catch fish with cyanide or blast fishing. Thus, the underwater environment here is really sustainable. As only the fishing communities on the coast just to get fish. On the beach are also a lot of fish that can be dikail.
Bonus for you if you choose to vacation on the island of Seraya. Usually visitors Seraya Island on the way back to Labuan Bajo, the captain will offer to stop at Angel Island, which is currently managed by British citizens, Ernest Lewan Dowsky.

Angel Island also has a view of the white sand and the sea is no less interesting with Seraya Island. Finally, for those who want to reflect and calm down, honeymooners, or just a relaxing vacation away from all the routine work, Pulau Seraya shall be a list of options.