Peering Beauty Tegalwangi Beach, Bali

Tour and Travel to Tegalwangi beach, Bali - Indonesia
Tegalwangi beach, Bali - Indonesia

Hidden Beach in Bali  - Peering Beauty Tegalwangi Beach
Bali or ordinary people call it as the island has so many beaches, nice white sand beach or the black sand beaches. That most people are interested in, with white sand beaches. Tegal Wangi Beach is one of them. Many local people do not know the location of this beach, because it's besides the beach Tegal Wangi, the beach is also called "Hidden Beach".

Tegalwangi Beach Location 
Tegalwangi beach located in the area of ​​Pura Segara Tegalwangi, traditional village Jimbaran beach, which has a panoramic view that is different from the exotic beauty of the beaches. This beach has high cliffs like dreamland. From the cliff we could see the beauty of the beach. Some of the rocks, small cracks on the seashores and many other hilly coastal areas. The waves were hard and coarse white sand. Many people visiting the beach. Best Moment to come here is when the sunset or after sunset. The sky is so beautiful to enshrined in the camera shots. For Backpacker who had the soul of art suitable for capturing panoramic photograpy Tegalwangi coast. If you are looking for a quiet and away from the bustle of people, this beach can be a great option.

Tegal wangi beach pictures, Beauty of Bali
Peering Beauty Tegalwangi Beach

Holiday in Tegalwangi Beach 
Activities that can be done at this beach include fishing, refreshing, relax to relieve stress, and calm the mind. Many people find fish on this beach, especially locals and tourists. In the afternoon, we could witness a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Holiday in Tegalwangi beach

Nothing wrong with that beach Tegal Wangi also widely used as pre wedding photo session. At night on the north shore we could see the beauty of the city with a naughty twinkle lights throughout the city. The beach is visited by the artist or visitors to see the beauty of the beach, if a visit to the beach tegal fragrant.

Travel To Tegalwangi Beach
The trip to the beach is about 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport and 35 minutes from Denpasar. To reach this place, very easy, motorcycles and cars can go up to the temple parking tegal Wangi. Its location in the direction toward the former Ritz Carlton hotel to the temple Tegalwangi, just follow the signpost. Right in front of the temple Tegalwangi we will see the beach from the top of the hill. Along the way to the beach, we could see a very large trees and shady equally appeal to other natural keidahan. If we want to rest along the way we can find the rest or food eateries such as sea food, typical bali, beverages or other foods. Not only that there is also also cafes and villas. For the attainment of heading to the beach we had to go down through the trail a bit steep, trail walk about 20 meters, we will arrive at the beach Tegalwangi, so must be careful. Here there are no stairs, probably because it is not wide tour object. The Beach not only possible length is about ± 100 meters.

Sunset in Tegalwangi beach
Sunset in Tegalwangi beach

The settled around the coast is very friendly, so that the tourists feel comfortable and happy visit to the beach tegal fragrant. Many of them bemata searches in the tourism sector. They are looking for an economic revenue from tourists visiting the kepantai. Residents there can keep and preserve the coast so that the attraction of the beach is always awake and visits from tourists to the beach is not reduced.

welcome to Tegalwangi Beach Bali, Indonesia
welcome to Tegalwangi Beach Bali, Indonesia

Tegalwangi Beach Features
This is one of the tourist attractions in Bali that combines location and coastal hills, beautiful hills and beautiful beaches. When we hear the name derived from the word Tegalwangi Tegal Wangi. Tegal Wangi that means mean estates and fragrant. So, Tegalwangi is fragrant garden. We would think that it's an interesting place and there kesakralannya. This area is truly amazing natural landscape authenticity when Melasti Day arrived, the people around here hold worship together for self-purification and inscriptions in welcoming Galungan and Kuningan Day.