Travel To Sawarna Beach, Banten Indonesia

Sawarna Beach Tour
Sawarna beach  is a new place to recreation or holiday. The place of Sawarna beach was on the south side of Banten Province. Lets Travel To Sawarna Beach, Banten Indonesia. Since the 2000's started a lot of visitors who visit the beach Sawarna. Name Sawarna popular beach through the virtual world and includes the popular tourist attraction in the new century. Other tourist attractions as potential new tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is Indrayanti Coast and Padang Mount site in West Java Cianjur.

This area was once a coastal forest known as the Phantom Village. Area of ​​the former village of stealth is now up to a more attractive destination than the Queen at the Port of Sukabumi. The beach is still in the Queen's shoreline to the harbor. This region can be considered as a new pearl in the south of Metro Manila.
This beach is unique. Sawarna beach gate to the Village Sawarna separated by a shallow river wide enough. Anyone who wants to go to the village must pass through the wood suspension bridge. Certainly in imenjadi experience as unique and challenging undertaking outbound.

Location and Access
Sawarna beach is located in the Village Sawarna, District Bayah, Lebak, Banten. Located 150 km from Rangkasbitung, Lebak Capital. Coast charm Sawarna very complete with a spectacular and challenging waves for surfing enthusiasts. One of the favorite location of surfers around the world are Ciantir.

Governments have yet to see serious potential Sawarna Beaches. This is evident from the lack of directions on the green road signs DLLAJ output. In addition, the road to the beach is also still not adequate. But do not worry, coastal tourism and photography lovers have a lot to review the beauty and the beach sundries Sawarna. Including the existence of this site is to present information on potential Sawarna coast.

Sawarna beach can be reached from two directions, namely from Jakarta to the west of Jakarta via Pandeglang or south via the Port of Ratu in Sukabumi and along the southern coast. Route Jakarta-Tangerang-Tigaraksa-valley-Malingping-Bayah could take 6.5 to 7 hours. The route was Jakarta-Sukabumi via Pelabuhan Ratu only need 4.5 hours. In general, for the moment pass Sukabumi more comfortable with a better way of Lebak plus many natural charms during a trip. If a local government when making access to the beach Bantam Sawarna with 4-lane road like Tigaraksa, would be more quickly through Tigaraksa-valley.

The Beauty of The Beach Sawarna
According to local residents, for now at least have had hundreds of visitors every day. And visited a few hours it still feels lacking to explore all the natural charm of beaches around Sawarna. There is not the manager who set up various facilities and information, but many local residents who took the initiative to create a homestay with a fee of Rp 120.000, - per person per day includes meals.
Conditions are relatively the same homestay. It's just that there are owners who intentionally equip the facility with air conditioning (AC) and a TV satellite dish. One is the hula-hula Homestay.

Sawarna Beach area

If there is time, a time to stay 2-3 days at the beach Sawarna. Around the coast there are many unspoilt natural beauty alias has not been developed into tourist attractions. Exotic places such as Tanjung Layar, Bokor Island (Cipamadangan), Manuk Island, and Cave Lalay. Lalay is royal bat cave inhabited by thousands of bats since wild. And maybe it could be Batman in Lalay Cave.. LoL :)

With natural beauty at beach Sawarna, many photography lovers to explore. Many of them foreign tourists who have visited, one from Denmark. Hopefully with the amount of coverage in cyberspace (internet), local governments are aware to advance this area became a favorite tourist spot with adequate road access.