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Seaworld Indonesia - Marine park
Marine Parks Tour: SeaWorld Indonesia - Indonesia is an archipelago with over 17 504 islands spread from Sabang in Sumatra to Merauke in Papua. The range stretched along the coastline and the vast sea of ​​81 290 km 5.8 million sq km to make Indonesia as a maritime country. The vast sea of ​​two-thirds of the islands of Indonesia. With it, very much and diverse marine biota in the waters of Indonesia. Starting from Marine Park in Aceh to Raja Ampat in Papua. To introduce marine life throughout Indonesia, was made of Marine Life Park SeaWorld Indonesia.

Seaworld Indonesia is located in Ancol Dreamland (we call Taman Impian Jaya Ancoland occupies an area of ​​three hectares. The main building Seaworld Indonesia extent of 4500 square meters. Seaworld Indonesia construction began on October 2, 1980 and officially opened to the public on June 3, 1982.

Seaworld Indonesia is the largest sea water aquarium in Southeast Asia. Seaworld rides in a giant freshwater aquarium, giant aquarium of marine water, underwater Antasena hall, library, souvenir shop, and display with touch screen tekbologi contains complete information on all species of animals and Seaworld Indonesia. Sea World Indonesia is quite clean and equipped with air conditioning, a janitor, a Café where you can drink or lunch with a variety of menus.

In an attempt to introduce the life of living organisms in nature, SeaWorld Indonesia up to now have a variety of collections ranging from freshwater biota, consisting of 22,000 of fish (126 type), 28 reptiles (5 species) to marine biota consisting of 5180 fish ( 26 species), 79 invertebrates (13 species), 30 reptiles (5 species) and one mammal.

The Division of Space in Seaworld
Seaworld grouped into several areas to guide the tourists who visit. Area are as follows:

The main aquarium Indonesia maintains thousands of marine animals. A total of 3500 species of marine fish Indonesia maintained here (this amount is 37% of the total marine fish species in the world).
This aquarium size reached 36 x 24 m, and it varied than 4.5 to 6 m and save 5 million liters of saltwater. Due to the large main aquarium was recorded as the largest saltwater aquarium in Southeast Asia.

Freshwater areas are equipped with a collection of freshwater animals from around the world, including piranha and Arapaima gigans of the Amazon river and electric eels. Another place that also collects Gigans Arapaima is Taru Jurug Animal Park zoo in Solo / Surakarta.

Seaworld Indonesia - Taman impian Jaya Ancol
Antasena hall is 80m long underwater tunnel. You do not need to walk to see the contents of the aquarium because Antasena hall is equipped with an automated tool such escalators. Escalator is operated by pinjakan run automatically. Hallway Antasena using translucent dome so you can see the sights "underwater" without having to worry about tripping when looked up to see the fish.

Aquarium Dugong and marine ecosystems aquariums that contain coral and sponge that shows the beauty of the marine biota.

Rides SeaWorld Indonesia is present in an area equipped to provide entertainment, educational and historical value that will always be remembered. SeaWorld Indonesia in their operations which carry three major missions: education, conservation and entertainment. Through this mission SeaWorld Indonesia established itself as a place of quality entertainment.

Seaworld Indonesia CSR Program
As one of the favorite tourist attractions in Jakarta, Seaworld also has other functions as follows:
  1. Turtle Conservation. Seaworld turtles raised in Indonesia, with the aim of education, continually released back into their habitat
  2. Studied at Seaworld. This program is among elementary school to high school students. By studying at Seaworld, students or teachers are invited to make observations on the aquatic ecosystems and ex situ management of over 500 organisms, which is divided into 350 species.
  3. Reach Out Program. Seaworld active seacar visit schools to help educate children to be more concerned about the marine world. The purpose of this program is [1] to stimulate curiosity and love of students on marine life and preservation attempts. And [2] to invite students to do interactive games, presentations, question and answer quizzes and other activities that educate.
  4. The special program Woli. Every child can become a member of this club by paying an annual fee of IDR 10, 000, - to join the club Si Woli. In this group, children are invited to walk the path with the purpose of sailing on the ocean or explore the forest. This trip is intended to keep children close to nature and learning to find new things.

Admission prices and Opening hours Seaworld Indonesia
Seaworld Indonesia mascot
As tourist attractions, Seaworld Indonesia is open to the public and open daily from 09:00 to 18:00 hours. Admission price of Rp 50, 000/person (Monday-Friday] and Rp. 60.000, - (Saturday / Sunday / holiday). For information, children aged two years and above normal rates apply ..

From Sea World Indonesia you can visit or enjoy other attractions close by such as performing dolphins, hippos show, bird show, visit a freshwater aquarium or visit Fantasy World.

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