L2012 PoolCam: Underwater Camera On Olympics 2012

Reuters Robo-cams technology brought it to cover the actions of the athletes who competed at the Olympics 2012. But the 2012 Olympic organizing committee also did not want to lose. They prepared the latest camera technology, named L2012 Pool Camera for action sports pool cover in a more attractive. Here's L2012 PoolCam: Underwater Camera On Olympics 2012.

L2012 PoolCam - London 2012 Olympic
Robo-Cams - L2012 PoolCam 

L2012 Pool Camera is a camera hidden under a swimming pool located at the Aquatic Centre where swimmers compete. So what's so special of this camera? In addition to taking charge of the action of underwater swimmers are continuos, this camera can automatically tweet the picture directly to the account @ L2012PoolCam.

With camera technology and directly connected to Twitter accounts, sports fans can get updates directly sports pool and see first hand the hero of the pool they swim under water without having to waste a lot of money to attend the Olympic Games.

Underwater view - L2012 PoolCam

Until now the L2012 Pool Camera has been recorded to 17 times a tweet from the match. In addition to offering an underwater camera, camera technology is also present L2012 Stadium Cam that does the same but to cover the sporting events that take place in the field.

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