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For those of you who are regular beach holidays to Indonesia may Klayar or Klayaran certainly unfamiliar in your ear. This is because it has not managed to beach resorts. Here's Klayar Beach in Pacitan - Indonesia Tourism. The local government is still letting natural beach although save a lot of tourism potential and can be managed properly. Just as in Banten Sawarna Beach, Coast Klayar famous through cyberspace or the internet and the mouth of the mouth.

Klayar beach located in Pacitan, an East Java on the south side and adjacent to Wonogiri in Central Java. Inverse precisely located in the village, district Doonorojo, Pacitan. The distance is about 40 km to the west of the town of Pacitan. The beach is still in line with the Coast Teleng Ria already managed as a tourist.

As part of the south coast, Klayar beach save a lot of unique beauty and save the mystery. The beauty is there among the white sand, coral-like giant Sphinx in Egypt, flute Sea, a natural fountain, waterfalls, and beautiful coral reefs. And it turns out, more foreign tourists who knows Coast Klayar than domestic tourists. Given the lack of coverage is still mediated offline. And it certainly tourists him from the internet. Despite only having a long coastline that is not, Klayar beach is breathtaking. Pantinya line goes something like Ancol Beach, Jakarta.

Access to the Klayar Beach
As the beach is not crowded much less formally managed, access to the beach is pretty much like looking for a mysterious treasure. From Yogyakarta, can be reached during the 3 hour drive through the pass. And of Pacitan town can be reached by bike for 3 hours. Klayar beach is a cove that either side is limited by coral cliffs, much like the Beach Karma Kandara.

Strange things on the Klayar Beach
Klayar beach on a typical day is not much visited by travelers. You only find local fishermen who were fishing. New on weekends or holidays, many visitors who want to prove the mysteries on this beach.

Quiet atmosphere make visitors you could hear the gusts of wind, the mystery is not it? 
Lined on either side of a lot of green roofs. On the white sandy beaches, you can also find the remains of dead sea animals.

There are two high cliff as high as coconut trees and a tourist favorite icons. It lies on the eastern side. Behind this rock, there are many more who never tired of reef waves buffeted the South Seas. And among the rocks, there is a giant rock-like Tanah Lot in Bali. So do not be surprised if there are Klayar as Tanah Lot in Pacitan, East Java. There are also small rivers that empty into the Coast Klayar. Shallow river impassable by foot. Depth there is a thigh adults at some point.

 While on its west side, there is a rock that is higher and larger, reach 50 meter high. This cliff is a rock group. This exotic cliff-like place reliance Noah's Ark or the British vs French in the movie Robin Hood. And on the beach itself there is a small stretch of coral reefs. The beauty of the landscape of the beach is very fitting Klayar enjoyed from this cliff. And on the right side of the cliff has been made substation view.

Klayar Beach area pictures

For those who have been to Egypt, in the row of cliffs on the east side there is a giant rock-like Sphinx. And in the row behind the rocks, so many holes in the coral seas and wind allow water into the rock. When the tide came in, from the tiny crevices of this rock there alamiyang spurting fountain to a height of 10 meters. Airmancur is due to pressure waves that pass through a small gap. In accordance with Bernoulli Theory in Physics lessons. When poured, not infrequently airmancur also issued a strange sound like a flute. So many who name the sea flute. Again that's beside the location of the two-meter high waterfall.

 If your narcissistic photo lovers, try to go up to the waist coral Sphinx. From the angle and the right moment, you can take pictures at the Sphinx in the background a giant fountain and waterfall sea. And still in the row of sphinxes reef, you can find Karang Bolong. Corals are perforated (holes) due to abrasion due to sea breeze.

 If you've been to Klayar Coast, do not forget to promote it to friends, family, or colleagues. In order to be Klayar Coast's favorite family attractions Indonesia and the world.

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