Trips To Grojogan Sewu and Tawangmangu

Trip To Tawangmangu and grojogan sewu
Tawangmangu is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Solo / Surakarta, Indonesia. Tawangmangu save a million mystery and beauty of nature because it is on the western slopes of Mount Lawu or Sewu. Trips to Grojogan Sewu and Tawangmangu was an exciting experience or Travel to Grojogan sewu. Geographically, the plants Tawangmangu district at Karanganyar regency, Central Java. It should be noted, that in this Karanganyar Karanganyar Kebumen Solo instead. Tawangmangu located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level so the air is cool and perfect for day trips eliminate fatigue. With weather like that, plateau-like mountain Tawangmangu Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung.

Since the Dutch colonial era, Tawangmangu which makes Grojogan Sewu as a leading tourist spot, has been known by the people of Solo. Tawangmangu within 37 km to the east of the city of Solo / Surakarta. Can be reached by land route for 1-1.5jam. If by public transport, you can use the bus from the terminal Tirtonadi Tawangmangu majors. Of terminal Tawangmangu you can choose to use another transport or walk to the gate Grojogan Sewu. Travel overland for approximately 1.5 hours from terminal Solo is the main attraction. Beautiful scenery of rice cultivation on the left and right of way ready to greet upon entering the Karanganyar.

Grojogan Sewu a favorite tourist attraction in Tawangmangu and has become an icon Tawangmangu. Vacationing in Tawangmangu incomplete if only to see Grojogan Sewu only. If punyak much free time, a time to stop at the inn and enjoy the beauty and coolness Tawangmangu. See the atmosphere around the plantation and community life in the cool atmosphere can eliminate the fatigue of work routines. Tawangmangu is also famous for the production of vegetables and fresh fruits. Vast stretches of rice fields are planted with lots of cabbage, carrots, radishes, strawberries, and various other crops.

Grojogan Sewu meaning Thousand Waterfalls. This waterfall is located on 20 acres of protected forest. Falls from a height of 81 meters makes Grojogan Sewu be exotic and beautiful scenery. Grojogan Sewu become such a favorite waterfall waterfall in Bantimurung. To add to the attractiveness Grojogan Sewu, the manager also made a supporting tourist facilities and is suitable for casual or petualanan. Grojogan Sewu around you can find flyinf fox, white water rafting (rafting) mini, playground, outbound, fishing arena, traffic park, and train a tree.

Needs to be remembered, Forest Preserve and Grojogan Sewu is the kingdom of monkeys. Many monkeys roam wild in forest trees protected Tawangmangu. Not infrequently, the monkeys were doing merebuat ignorant to the visitor with food, hats, and even your phone.

Access to Tawangmangu
To support ease of access to Tawangmangu, local governments have been making improvements to transport by road maintenance and construction of new roads across the province of its own Tawangmangu in Central Java, East Java Magetan direction. This road passes through the hills and crossed in the middle of a lush agricultural land with beautiful views of the left and right along this road.

Renovation market to Market Tourism
In Tawangmangu terminal, there is still a traditional market that was once a rundown and unattractive impression. To add to the attractiveness Grojogan Sewu and Tawangmangu, market Tawagnmangu renovated into a magnificent building Tawangmangu Tourism Market. On this tour you can market to buy fresh fruit typical harbor Tawangmangu, vegetables, and souvenir Tawangmangu.

Tawangmangu as an integrated tourist area is also close to other attractions such as waterfalls Pringondani, Peak Lawu, Sentra Nglurah ornamental plant in the village, and camping grounds. Of Tawangmangu, you can also start the climb to the top of the Post Cemorokandang Lawu. Or you can also continue to travel to Sarangan sights on the east side of Mount Lawu. Magetan Sarangan entry area (East Java) and can be accessed via the new translucent.
Rabbit kebabs in Tawangmangu

The most famous food is Tawangmangu rabbit satay. Rabbit meat was rather tough but has a soft meat fibers. Combined with peanut sauce, sliced ​​peppers and onions, served with rice cake into fine cuisine. According to experts, rabbit meat low in cholesterol and also has many health benefits.

Rabbit meat contain a substance called kitotefin compounds. This compound when combined with omega 3 and 9 are believed to be for the healing of asthma. Some people have meraskaan that rabbit meat is also efficacious to lower blood sugar levels for diabetics, while his brain efficacious as fertilizer content of women.

Hours schedule Tawangmangu
Monday - Sunday: 08.00 - 16.00 WIB

Ticket prices to Tawangmangu
Domestic visitors  : Rp 18.000, -
Foreign visitors     : Rp 18.000, -
Student                : Rp 9,000, -