Travel To Holy Karma Kandara Beach, Bali Indonesia

Karma Kandara resort
Tour to Bali is like no boredom. So many interesting sights to visit. Among them is the Holy Karma Kandara Beach, Bali. If you want Travel to Holy Karma Kandara Beach, Bali Indonesia. Karma Kandara located in Ungasan Village, District of South Kuta, Badung regency. Distance to this location approximately 27 km from Denpasar town and about 30 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai when using a motor vehicle. There is also a mention by name Beach Karma Kandara as Nammos Coast. Karma Kandara is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Uluwatu in addition to Dreamland Beach.

This coastal area was once the land is not productive. Karma Kandara since built hotel and the beach location of this accident is under them, for easy recall coast beach is also called Karma Kandara. Karma Kandara beach was clean and not like some of the beaches in Bali. This is because the location of this beach that not many people knew and managed by the private sector as Indrayanti Beach in Yogyakarta.

Coast is an area of ​​Karma Kandara beach was Karma Kandara Resort and as a special beach (private beach) for guests staying at the Karma Kandara Resort. If you want to visit the beach Karma Kandara and not stay at Karma Kandara Resort, will be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 250.000/orang and deposit received Rp. 100.000/orang to eat / drink. The hotel decor makes decorating with very attractive to the beach located at the bottom so that access to the beach we ahrus using some sort of lift with a unique design.

Free to access karma kandara beach
No need to worry if you want to the beach because Karma andara elevator free. Karma Kandara beach is accessible only really needs to hire more. Prior to entering the beach area was walking through the narrow passage between the walls of the temple and the hotel fence to reach the edge of the cliff whose height is approximately 150 meters. From here the panorama of the beach will be seen that eksotic Karma Kandara, then down the 340 steps winding turn.

Karma Kandara beach has an incredible sight, hidden behind a barrier reef, soft white sand with crystal clear sea water bluish green. Many local tourists who do not know where this beach. With this condition, the advantage is clean and the beach is still arguably the Holy Coast Karma Kandara.

Beach visitors are foreign tourists who meginap at Hotel Karma Kandara. One attraction of this beach is white sand and crystal clear water, ideal for relaxing with family and friends. For those of you who love the tranquility should visit here. Berbagaikegiatan this can be done on the beach such as snorkeling, surfing, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.

karma kandara beach resort
Karma Kandara beach is famous even to Hollywood. As Julia Robert had been to Kuta Beach, Hollywood movie star Lindsay Lohan has also been staying at the Karma Kandara Resort. Therefore, there is also the beach is a beach called Lilo, Lindsay Lohan stands.

Finally, happy to enjoy a holiday to Bali to visit the beach Karma Kandara. Keep it clean so it is always crowded tourist attractions and famous around the world.