The Beauty Of The Beach Santolo In Garut Indonesia

Santolo beach in west java, Indonesia

The Beauty of Santolo beach in Garut, Indonesia. not least with the beach in Bali. Even at this beach there is a unique phenomenon that only occurs in two places from around the world, namely France and Indonesia. On this coast the sea water would flow into the river rather than vice versa. Believe? Santolo beach is usually called Sayang heulang by the local community.

Sunrise in Santolo beach
Santolo beach is a beach located in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Arrowroot is not only famous for its oranges Garut but one of the popular beaches located on the beach Santolo Garut. Located in excl. Cikelet, south of downtown Main Page or so-called South Garut, Garsel or Garsela, mileage within 3.5 hours drive or approximately 88 miles from the City Main Page.

This beach is well known in the city and a tourist destination. Santolo Coast region is a gathering of traditional fishermen will be developed into a beautiful tourist destination. It is also an area for fishing activities as dock (harbor) fishing vessels or boats at Pameungpeuk. Enjoying panoramic coastal and marine life, is a tourist activity that can be done. There are also charter boats that cater to tourists to enjoy the crashing waves of the south coast are quite challenging.

Santolo Coast, we can enjoy the fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. adequate facilities are available as needed tourist inns, souvenir stalls at affordable prices.