Mount Krakatau Tour And History of Krakatau

Who does not know the active volcano in the world? So famous director Sam Miller are willing to lift it to the big screen which is based on eyewitness accounts on August 27, 1883 eruption of Krakatau. The film entitled Krakatoa: The Last Days is a documentary BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Here's Mount Krakatau Tour And History of Krakatau.

Documentary film that tells the most dangerous natural disasters and killed many men was about the most powerful volcanic eruptions in history to destroy more than 18 km and less than 48 hours and killed 36 500 people.

The explosion was so powerful at that time resulted in a tsunami as high as 40 meters. Eruptions voice was heard to Alice Spring, Australia and the island of Rodrigues near Africa. Even the dust is also flew into the air to as high as 80 km above sea level and can be seen from the sky Norway and New York up to outer space. As a result, some parts of the world was pitch black. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded the great Krakatau eruption ever recorded in modern human history.

Krakatau in the Sunda Strait waters included in the district of South Lampung, Lampung Province. Dated February 26, 1990 this area was designated as marine sanctuaries Krakatau Islands with an area of ​​13 735 ha. With a sea and 2535 11200ha of land managed by the Cape Coral BKSDA II. Krakatau has become an attractive tourist place to visit. What for? Not only are offered for mountain tourism but also the stunning marine tourism tourists.

History of Krakatau (Child of Krakatau emergence)
Primeval Krakatoa is thought to have a height of 2000 meters. Fierce eruptions have occurred since prehistoric times in the year 416 as recorded in ancient Javanese book "Bibliography of King", and leaves the island of Rakata 3, Sertung, and length. In subsequent developments led to the tops of Rakata Danan and deeds.

Krakatoa explosion in 1883 destroyed three-quarters of his body. Furthermore Krakatau calmed down since February 1884 until June 1927. As at June 11, 1927 eruption that occurred berkomposisi alkaline magma appears in the center of Krakatau complex, which is expressed as the birth of Mount Anak Krakatau. As a result of Mount Anak Krakatau grow in size and height, forming a cone which has now reached a height of 300 m from the sea. In addition to the added height of the cone body, also expanded its land area.

Based on historical records of volcanic activity, Anak Krakatau was born June 11, 1930 eruption has held more than a hundred times better to be explosive or effusive. Of a number of the eruption, the eruption generally move around the pineal body with rest periods of about 1-8 years and usually occurs 3-4 years once the eruption of ash and lava leleran. Last activity of Anak Krakatau, the ash and lava eruptions took place from 8 November 1992 to June 2000 and in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Beautiful Krakatau eruption
Been to the Krakatau is more easily achieved than Anyer and Carita Beach. For permission to land and climb Anak Krakatau may also be obtained in the permit or from Natural Resources Conservation Agency (KPSDA) Lampung. It takes about 1 hour by using a speedboat, to achieve it. In this tour nevertheless offered natural attractions such as camping, hiking, fishing, and beautiful ocean scenery.

Anak Krakatau volcano vast 800 acres with about 2 km long beach. Mountain altitude 350 meters and each year increased by about one meter. Mount Anak Krakatau consisted of two hills. The second hill is the peak of the crater is belching smoke. If the condition is stable mountain, parapendaki are required to wear helmets and masks to anticipate at any time if the mountain erupted.

The inhabitants of Anak Krakatau fauna including monitor lizards, snakes, rats forest, butterfly, other danhewan. If the condition tidakaktif, of course you really want to climb. With mountain climbing Anak Krakatau, along the way will be found many large rocks derived from Anak Krakatau volcano vomit. The stones were even able to break baang tree.

With such conditions, at certain moments Krakatu Son mountain climbing is prohibited. From the year 2009-2011, Son mountain Krakatu activity increased and continues to give off fumes, so visitors are not allowed to rise to the top of Anak Krakatau. Snenantiasa crater spitting rocks, sand, dust, and hot lava into the awaited moment by domestic and foreign tourists. At dusk, the exotic region of Mount Anak Krakatau more beautiful. Travelers would be amazed to watch the sunset.

Underwater beauty of Krakatau
Besides watching the Krakatau, tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of others can be fished at the foot of Mount Krakatoa. Krakatoa was a century of inactivity and occupied various types of fish. Sea water is still clean and clear, strongly supports the activities of tourists to swim or snorkel in the Mount Krakatau. When diving, a lot of charm and life under the sea biota such as coral reefs enchant divers and other varieties of fish that swim in groups. If lucky, divers can see a beautiful species of marine fauna and funny with a blend of red and white lines the fish Nemo (Amphiprion ocellaris). Yes, fish Nemo at Mount Krakatau. Nemo fish are usually among the rocks hidupo toxic and do not run away when approached by divers.

Divers can also enjoy the beautiful sea view fracture marks of squiggly (drop off). At a depth of 200 feet, sometimes divers can see the natural phenomenon of a magic bubble of methane gas. Under the sea, found many rare marine life that presents exciting challenges for divers.

With the potential of this nature, the charm and mystery of Mount Krakatau is so then it makes sense that many scientists make the area of ​​Mount Krakatau as a natural laboratory for several disciplines such as geology, volcanology, biology, and conservation. Some are even nominated as one of Krakatoa 7 natural wonders of the world.
Krakatau is full of mystery, but exotic. Horrific yet fascinating.

Access to Mount Krakatau
There are two ways you can use to get to the sights of Mount Krakatau as follows:
  1. From Bandar Lampung, using the bus Kalianda majors, South Lampung. then continues to the Canti village. If from Bakauheni, there are bus Kalianda majors. From the village pier Canti, a fishing boat can be hired to visit Mount Krakatau and takes about 2.5 hours.
  2. Through the VIP Studio, Carita Beach, and Cape Coast Dimples. Third of the beach is an average taken over the 3 hour with speed boat.

Lodging around Mount Krakatau
For those who want menginapdi around Mount Krakatau, there are accommodations and tourist facilities and the nearest island Kalianda Sebesi, Selatan.Selain Lampung district on the south coast island of Sumatra, there are also many hotels in the tourist area along the west coast of Banten as Anyer Beach, Carita Beach, Dimples and Cape Coast. In these places there is a home stay, camping ground, resort, guest house, villa, hotel den with various types to suit your tastes and your pockets.